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Penta Text Tools Reference Guide

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Penta Text Tools (PTT) is a software utility set for any PC with MS-DOS.

It empowers any PC user to have full access to text in any file on a PC and is ideal for information investigators, system administrators, programmers or anyone who needs to examine the file system on PC's quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Each PTT program is a single executable file that can be run from a simple floppy disk or a hard drive.
Pattern Definition GREP with
Pattern Editing
Fast GREP with Pattern Editing Extract Text Strings Head, Middle or Tail of Files New Line Xlate
Search by Magic Simple Search Extract Text Strings Show Text Portions of Files Text to/from Mac
Replace by Magic Literal (fixed) Patterns White Space Option Show Line Numbers Text to/from UNIX
Pattern Definitions Optimised Fast Search International Text Cut Text Exactly Precise and Safe
Powerful ERE Patterns Simple Replace Word Processor Text Preview Headlines Backups by Option
Conforms to Standards Many Options Reject Control Keys Get Minimum Info View Any File

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