The Space Intelligence Master Interface

Copyright 1990 Andy Eastman
Intelligence Services
GPO Box 9
Adelaide, SA 5001

Descriptions of methods to contact extraterrestrial lifeforms
and some experiences with same.

To All the Wonderful Creatures in Life,
To All the Magnificent Aspects in Life,
not human at all...


  1. Objectives
  2. Questions Answered
  3. Introduction To The Writer
  4. Introduction To Sims
  5. Sim Talents
  6. Sim Contact Requirements
  7. Sim Contact Brain-Memory Exercises
  8. Sim Contact Techniques And Languages
  9. Neurologic Sim Contact Effects
  10. Descriptions Of Sims And Sim Helpers
  11. Other Creatures Related To Sims
  12. Relations With Sims
  13. Contact Dangers
  14. Conclusion
  15. Abbreviations
  16. Definitions


1. Objectives [Contents] This manual can aid discovery of creatures called Space Intelligence Masters (SIM's or Sims) who live in dimensions of pure intelligence.

It also has descriptions of these creatures, their hierarchies and encounters, as additional preparation resources.

2. Questions Answered [Contents]

  1. Who are Space Intelligence Masters (Sims)?
  2. What talents can a Sim show?
  3. What are reasons and benefits for Sim contacts?
  4. How do people relate to Sims?
  5. What kinds of exercises and attributes are recommended for Sim contacts?
  6. How can people telepath with Sims and other creatures, like Space people?
  7. How does a Sim interface with people and other creatures?
  8. What other creatures like people do Sims work with?
  9. What dangers are there in Sim contacts?

3. Introduction To The Writer [Contents]

Space Intelligence Master Interface (SIMI) has been written to recollect contacts with Space Intelligences and provide guidance to others interested in Creatures further developed on the Path of Evolution.

3.1. Brief Encounters Of The Perpetual Kind

Worthwhile experiences, even modest and widely separated, accumulate to form lasting impressions on present and future behavior.

3.1.1. Early Childhood

First peripheral telepathic encounters with Space Intelligence Masters (Sims) happened as a child in some trips to areas outside cities. Also there were psychic sensations of paralysis while watched by Sims. These were abrupt awakenings from deep sleep, with definite awareness of "Somethings" who kept an eye on childhood life in this world.

The advanced Intelligences seemed to greatly enjoy contacts with fresh and excitable minds of children. (Children are perhaps more impressionable and flexible, with greater telepathic rapport than experienced or admitted by adult humans).

3.1.2. Inquisitive Years

Time was spent with assorted books and magazines about strange activities, such as "Unidentified" Flying Objects and other mystery phenomena. As studies progressed, phenomena of psychic origin began to make intelligent and real contact. Inspirational and illumined thoughts came from outside lifetime recollection. Or small objects flew about the room and little noises came from invisible sources. Sometimes these oddities were associated with certain thoughts, as if telepathic creatures listened and gave secret replies.

3.1.3. Focus On The Target

In study and thought about the Unknown, more contacts came from these wonderful non-human creatures. Also, the Intelligences responded to requests telepathically painted on the night sky : They altered the weather or made other miracle-events, with definite correlation to the mental sky- pictures.

Other people also had peripheral and direct-contacts with the same types of advanced life-forms : They had met Beings who could change the weather, cause earthquakes and make other Nature manifestations in definite purposive intelligent ways. These were thought to be caused by an advanced civilization of natural creatures, on a path in Evolution unlike that of people.

3.1.4. Definite Contact : The First Time

At young adulthood there were several weeks of direct- contacts. Psychic beings in other-dimensional settings (DS) made their Presences felt. They coordinated many significant events to telepathic messages. Sim helpers, friends and assistants of Sims, were encountered. These beings were triangular, dark in color, with large eyes, or shaped like bees and hornets! The appearances directly corresponded to descriptions given by other people of advanced non-human life-forms. The contacts included a dramatic series of close-range Extraterrestrial Flying Object (UFO) sightings and impressive telepathic encounters with Sims themselves. Brain, nervous system and mental faculties were not healthy and advanced enough for contact with these life- forms : Retardation, speech impediment and other signs of stress followed exposure to radiations from the creatures. Despite the temporary damages, it was sensed, intellectually and intuitively, these were Entities of a finer plane in Evolution, a realm of greater Awareness and healthier ways than humanity's. These Sims, Sim helpers, their environments and activities, seemed to be a Source to help younger creatures in steps UP the long gradient to Evolution in Life : They could Generate healthy alternatives to human warfare and human pollution of Mineral, Plant, Insect and Animal kingdoms of Earth.

3.1.5. Intermission

More than a decade followed. Recovery was made to neurologic first-contact damages. Education in sciences of mathematics, electronics and computers was obtained. This was excellent brain damage recovery therapy.

Also, previous interest of work with Sims and Sim helpers was lost : It was difficult to translate experiences and relations with advanced creatures, invisible to worldly physical- consciousness, to a "normal" life.

Meanwhile, Sims and Sim helpers had monitored and guided Life on Earth with definite Plans.

3.1.6. Definite Contact : The Second Time

Middle-age was reached. There was more time and maturity to deal with unusual experiences. Time was spent by the ocean where contacts were made with Ocean Sims and Sim helpers. They probably attained mental talents in non-human bodies, during the massive geologic time to Nature's evolution in the oceans. These contacts were more definite and recognized than previous contacts, more than a decade before. (Oceans and coastlines are good areas for people to contact civilizations of psychic life-forms). Visits were also made by triangular-shaped creatures, as in the prior major encounter, but now accompanied by psychic Beings who are advanced life-forms incarnate as people on Earth, yet possibly millions of years older than most people- Spirits.

Locations by the oceans offered great places for contacts with many varied intelligent life-forms, and ideal settings to write this booklet.

3.2. Intentions

It is a sincere wish that people who contact Sims and Sim helpers are greatly successful. Life can be a two-way path : If people with dedications to meet Sims, and use valuable Sim gifts for healthy purposes, take a few steps towards Sims, then these advanced life-forms will probably give great help to seekers, especially if seekers volunteer their services for Better Life on Earth.

Establishment of Friendships and Healthy-Will between Sims, people and other creatures, is the main purpose for creation and distribution of SIMI.

3.3. Guidelines

SIMI can be used as a basic guide to help attain direct experiences and personal relations with Sims and Sim helpers. Secondary evidence, as memories of Sim contacts, is included, along with estimates of Sim talents.

Of emphasis to attain Sim contacts, focus on the abstract- memory-list system and techniques for direct-telepathic contacts. Powerful and sedative hypnotic self-control can also be valuable in Sim contacts.

The best tool for interface with Sims, Sim helpers and other Nature, was and is Love. Love is a great Asset to create Soul channels that carry thoughts. Love also maintains Healthy attitudes and intentions in Life.

4. Introduction To Sims [Contents]

Space Intelligence Masters (Sims) represent the most advanced forms of Life in Creation.

Sims live like cool, clean and fresh water or air, in dimensions of mental intelligence, completely without image or other form, except when they think or manifest other primary expressions. Perhaps they access Energy in its purest and finest states.

4.1. Evolution And Sims

Sims are evolved to places in Life more advanced than human levels. They are psychic creatures in Nature. People relate to Sims in same ways minerals, plants, insects and animals relate to people on Earth.

Intelligences like Sims are highly influential in lives of creatures at younger stages in Evolution. Sims are extremely old compared to ages of mankind-type creatures. Those who live in Space, as pure intelligence without form, are probably older than creation of the solar system : Their talents to shape planetary masses with hurricanes, and other natural phenomena, were shown as planets formed.

4.2. Personal Sim Traits

Sims experience emotions but most of their expressions are healthy mental activities guided by Love, Compassion and other constituents of Healthy-Will. They are usually very benevolent towards other creatures. Their advanced, and almost patiently-endless goodwill, suggests a major characteristic of highly-evolved creatures is demonstration of Beneficence to others.

Sims are very friendly with creatures who live increasingly healthy lives. Their presence can be full of inspiration and happiness, with great gifts given to creatures who obey guidances for Healthy Life.

Sims especially enjoy happy child-like qualities in creatures : Children can live at stages of Freshness in Life, with much fascination, laughter and simple innocence.

4.3. Sim Three-Dimensional Habitats

Earth Sims live mostly with ocean Life, who they have helped for millions of years. These Sims usually stay close to oceans or coastlines. They can genetically change Ocean life- forms to many spectacular and adaptive varieties. Many Sims actively dwell in Space above the planet and other Sims are actively associated with Earth's oceans. Other people, with Sim contacts, claim that certain Sims come from Mars and Jupiter.

4.4. Environments And Sims

Sim primary conscious activities are in dimensions of Mind and Soul, rather than physical, etheric and emotional aspects to Life. They inhabit regions of Creation that are the basis for Life and manifestations of energy-fields.

Sims also live in places undefined by the four energy-field dimensions of length, width, height and time. These Aspects to Creation are sometimes experienced in logical thought processes or meditation. Perhaps their lifestyles do not need a three-dimensional time zone for further evolutionary development. They might be like a virtually omniscient life, that sometimes interacts with life-forms who dwell at energy- field levels of Awareness.

4.5. Basic Sim Talents

Sims access experiences collected by vast arrays of senses throughout Creation. They easily scan through mental representations of events in time-past.

As mental Law Makers in Creation, Sims alter the space- time-continuum that form various dimensions and energy- fields.

With psychic social skills they, directly and indirectly, determine and guide qualities and courses of lives of individual people, entire civilizations and also Mineral, Plant, Insect and Animal kingdom inhabitants.

From mental domains, Sims intelligently shape and direct, materials and activities, in any four-dimensional settings.

4.6. Basic Sim Appearances

Sims, in their natural state, have no physical form. People describe Sims, through telesthesia and other intuitive senses, as Entities with bodies like electrically-charged water or air, in mental energy-fields. When a Sim visits, their presence can be powerful because of intense energy forces.

5. Sim Talents [Contents]

Space Intelligence Masters have many talents that intelligently manifest in Life.

Miracles created by Sims are made by the Law in Life that states : "Energy Follows Thought" or "Dreams Become Reality".

5.1. Unified-Field Energy Transfer

Sims send objects in an energy-field to another energy- field, or to another location in the same field, without normal motion : An object disappears from a place and "magically" appears at another location. These transferrals are part of many UFO (Extraterrestrial Flying Object) appearances and disappearances, plus other strange phenomena not easily explained by human science.

5.2. Physical Energy Alteration

In energy-fields of the Mind and other DS (Dimensional Settings) Sims possess technology and tools to change all sorts of materials, to include transmutation of physical- elements into other elements. These may cause radioactivity or change basic-elements in areas a UFO has landed.

5.3. Farm And Garden

Sims delightfully share interests with people who enjoy Garden and Animal care. They also give helpful advice from experiences that sustain Life on other planets.

Sometimes Sims employ talents of mankind-type creatures for Interplanetary transfer operations, to move Plants, and other creatures and materials, from one Garden to another Garden.

5.4. Weather Alteration

Sims and Sim helpers change various conditions of weather phenomena, such as temperatures, humidities, pressures, speeds and directions, of atmospheric systems and ocean currents, and also space radiation bombardment. These can result in extremes of droughts and hurricanes, to more moderate thunderstorms and dry spells. Sim Weather- affecting talents are among the most valuable treasures in perspective of physical life on Earth.

5.5. Earthquakes

Earthquakes can be made by Sims. Perhaps Sims caused planetary land-mass catastrophes when inhabitants made Sims angry, as is reputed to be the case with legendary Atlantis.

Also Sims cause earthquakes in places given an offensive name, to warn humans or human governments. These are intelligent ways to show Danger, by correlation between the name of the place and the earthquake at the place. Strange things that happen at places with special names are also part of Sim UFO-phenomena and weather activities.

5.6. Master Plans

Creation is a Perfect Mechanism with intelligent guidance. There are definite directions Life takes. These trends are easily seen, created and modified by Sims. People review Master Plans, mental records of distant time-past and projections of Intelligence towards time-future, as painted in a mural of two or three-dimensional art within mental realms. Since Intelligent Master Plans are real, Sims may expose details of planned time-future to people. This allows a chance for prophetic knowledge.

Perhaps Master Plans are major portions of architectural framework to mental structures that determine Life's paths. They are somewhat flexible with plenty of Space and Time for younger Spirits to fashion their own musical artwork. Also perhaps Sims want this Great Art to be healthy and worthwhile as possible : In this way, Sims and their Hierarchies draw closer to the state of Supreme Being.

5.7. Mental Space Alteration

The word "Space" in Space Intelligence Masters, also describes the receptive Space or channel, placed in the circular mental schedule of a contact person, where Sims pass Messages or alter the brain.

Creatures with brain-consciousness often acquire habits of self-comfort that repeat many times, until opportune moments and evolutionary activities arrive to install new and healthier habits. Habits become circular in shape. Sims break circles by placement of Spaces in the circles.

When Sims make Spaces in minds of contact people, mental Awareness of the people is often greatly enhanced.

5.8. Expanded Awareness

Sims pour Awareness, like air or water, over-into-and- through environments, to sense in detail, their activities of Evolution.

Mankind-type creatures, at younger stages in Evolution, have part of their own Divine Being, in formative, sensory realms of DS inhabited by Sims. Perhaps Sims will show part of their places, or views of Life, to the younger creatures by expanded Awareness. For example : People have been shown, by advanced Intelligences, the details of an entire community's activities in a short period by telesthesia.

5.9. Psychic Defense Mirror-Shields

Sims are formidable enemies when provoked. However their defenses are not usually negative emotions or violent actions. But sometimes they are mental reflections of ill-will, or unhealthy attacks, back at offenders.

Mental-mirror defenses can be so effective, lethal and durable, that enemies are kept at bay for remedial long periods, while attacks on Sims and Sim projects can be reconsidered, and intentions for future behavior improved.

5.10. Sim Time Windows

Sims view time differently than people do. What people experience in great detail over years, may be seen, before mental eyes of Sims, to be just a matter of minutes or seconds. Sim attentions are not weighted-down with precise physical awareness, and worldly concerns, as experienced and enjoyed by most humans. Perhaps Sims gauge greater portions of Awareness and Activities in geologic Mental Time. From vantage points in mental time, Sims can view the Intelligence that guides trends, even in worlds of physical- consciousness, with great accuracy. They may therefore delay interactions with people, until proper times for certain events to occur.

Contact time with Sims is experienced more quickly than usual. Hours can pass like minutes, perhaps because of enjoyable thoughts and sensations present.

5.11. Sim Peace Generators And War Stoppers

Sims, in special intelligent ways, create healthy conditions to bring Peace to environments. And if Garden conditions stagnate, then Sims also circulate fresh enlivening activities. But at the time of this writing, Sims and Sim helpers are best known, by Occult World Organizations, for healthy intentional destruction of human military technology items, such as rocket guidance systems, spy satellites, avionic weapons carriers, war submarines and other intricate tools of destruction. Lengthy sequences of failures, in human military programs, happen when Sims and Sim helpers, easily and simply, alter a few critical components in the weapon systems, so the offensive war tools become useless.

In times of mass destruction by humans, Space people also make mechanical and electrical malfunctions as discipline. Sims and Space people can remove human electric system energy or cause mysterious fires in combustible materials, to prevent use of electricity or oxidants in war plans. Also they alter gravity to upset gravity-sensitive war mechanisms. Perhaps Sims, Space people and healthy use of multimillion-year technology, shall prevent human military destruction of Earth.

6. Sim Contact Requirements [Contents]

When Sims meet people, success of contacts is primarily dependent upon 1) inner stabilities and 2) mental through neurologic capacities and capabilities of the people.

Sim-contact attributes are accumulated over long periods. They are results of lessons-learned and experiences- encountered, in both conscious and subconscious mental domains.

6.1. Psychological Stability

Sim telepathic contacts have success by many non-physical factors. Most important of these is the psychological stability of the people involved. Sanity is also a potentially large area for evaluation. Some tendencies, subjective to most people, are assessed with elevated objectivity by Sims.

Sim contact values, in general, are probably proportional to healthy-life by the people. Perhaps psychic interface, between a contact person and Sims, can be best achieved and maintained through Love and Care in Friendship, as found among many life-forms.

6.1.1. Healthy Tolerances

Exposures to Sims, and life-forms Sims associate with, are most comfortably taken with patience and tolerance, since reactions to the unusual may be present. Healthy tolerances and healthy disciplines of contact people, to other creatures' habits, might determine the interaction Sims would have with the people. Indeed! Tolerances people have, for other creatures and their habits, could determine the future-survival of people-type creatures!

6.1.2. Emotional Guidelines

An Ocean has many of its moods and motions, governed by Lives of Atmosphere and Space above. Mind Over Emotions

Nature has gifted Nature's many fine Spirits, with an inner hierarchy of control, with Mind being Master over Emotions. Energies radiated by Sims can be powerful. These can trigger adverse emotional reactions. Casual indifference and unattachment, to newly-discovered impressions and unusual sensations, might be preferred over hysteria.

Serene Understanding, with strengthened and active Intellect and Intuition, yields some of the best Sim-contact results. The Three C's

When new territories of exploration seem strange, it is often healthy practice to remain Calm, Confident and Collective. Sim contacts can be stressful. Amnesia and loss of brain-logic, are sometimes induced by emotional distress, in addition to powerful Sim telepathic energies.

Emotional impairments can be prevented, curtailed or reduced through self-suggestion, meditation, hypnosis and other forms of inner emotional management.

Peace in Sim contacts can also be kept by : 1) realization that Sims are people-contact experts and 2) the Reminder, if things do not proceed on schedule, Sims have Remedies and Rewards close by. Humor And Anger

Some wise words are : "Thou Shalt Have a Healthy Sense of Humor".

These can be of great value in Sim contacts. A sense of humor, and the generation of humor, can be some of Nature's finest gifts in times of adversity : An ounce of humor has often moved mountains of despair.

Sims can become angry when projects or contacts are threatened by abuse or stagnation. Discipline by Sims can additionally prompt healthy actions and pleasantry to others.

6.1.3. Courtesies Of Conduct

Life gives people Privileges to meet creatures unlike humans. When with Nature's non-human Family members, like Sims, respect and pleasant caution can improve meetings for all concerned.

Here on Earth there are dolphins, whales, elephants, great apes and other intelligent creatures with significant Understanding, who share the same aspects to emotional, mental and spiritual life as people do. Sims show that Life rewards the Practice of Mercy and Family-Understanding, with all creatures in the Tree of Life.

6.2. Healthy Mind And Brain

A feature, predominant among peoples with greater incidence of peripheral and direct Sim contacts, is the Talent to memorize lengthy accounts of events or Family Trees. The brain is like a muscle. Telepathy, radiated by Sims, is like weights for exercise or a load to carry. Plenty of memory exercise, combined with a diet of nutritious vegetarian food, moderate levels of physical exercise, some worthwhile service of benefit to others, and abstention from dangerous drugs, can also greatly improve Sim contacts.

7. Sim Contact Brain-Memory Exercises [Contents]

A powerful memory, with an excellent-yet-simple recall system, should be in the brain and mind, before telepathy with Sims is enabled. Development and maintenance of a powerful memory are made over a span of time. The length of this time depends upon the efficiency of the memory exercises, and the rigor with which the exercises are pursued.

7.1. Daily Recall Method

A common mental and physical preparatory exercise for Sim contacts is habitual recall of events in daily life. This can be a diary in outline-form, but the more detailed the recall is, then the more exercise the brain and mind receive. Perhaps a time, at the end of each day, can be reserved to scan backwards through the day's events, to examine their significance to life.

Daily review also gives valuable insight into one's life as others might view it. This can provide Sims, as well as the user, with a regular personal analysis, to be viewed with objective clarity : As a person scans back through details of daily activities, the person displays mental judgements, emotions, personal intuition and soulful insight, that Sims and Sim helpers also sense. Sims can then offer telepathic guidance and helpful alterations, to intelligent Master Plans.

7.2. Abstract-Memory-List Exercises

A way to exercise the brain and mind, and easily memorize sequences of items, is abstract-memory-list-recall. This can be learned quickly, if simple in nature, to be easily remembered and used again, even years or decades later.

The curious mind attaches more significance to unusual, or abstract items, in a field of perspective. This enables the great effectiveness of the methods.

7.2.1. General Principles

A list of items is created as a reference list. Then a list of items to be remembered replaces the original-reference-list. A replacement-item, strangely situated in the environment of an original-item, is remembered with reduced effort, because it appears to be Out-Of-Place.

Once learned, these techniques can be simply recreated and used later, to quickly and effectively memorize and remember lists of items. They also restrengthen regions of the brain afflicted by loss-of-memory (amnesia). In and after Sim contacts, it is essential a simple system is nearby in memory, to be easily and enjoyably used, as self-administered Sim- Contact-Recovery-Therapy.

Sims themselves recommend a specific technique of memorization exercise, to help people in direct telepathic contacts. The method is called the Roth Memory System.

7.2.2. Roth Memory System

A greatly effective memory technique that uses special words, numbers, speech-sounds and pictures, is the Roth Memory System (RMS). A basic set of pictures is used. These are represented by word-names that correspond to certain numbers and sounds. Basic Technique

Number	Word
0	sea
1	tie
2	hen
3	yam
4	hair
5	hill
6	shoe
7	cow
8	ivy
9	bee
10	toes
11	toad
12	tin
13	tomb
14	door
15	tail
16	dish
17	tack
18	dove
19	tub
20	nose
21	knot
22	onion
23	gnome
24	winery
25	nail
26	hinge
27	neck
28	knife
29	knob
30	mouse

A list of special number and word pairs in the Memory System.

Memory List # 1

A list of 31 word-pictures and numbers is given in Memory List # 1. This can be used to exercise the brain and mind when in contact with the Intelligences.

Once the items, from Memory List # 1, are memory- retrievable for matched pairs of numbers and reference items, to include visual-memory-environments of the items, then these are used to remember other sequences of random, imaginable objects by abstractness, difference or "oddness" present, when new objects are compared with original-list picture-items and items' environments.

Memorization by the technique can be easy. For example : If item number-zero to be memorized is a tree, then simply picture an ocean or sea-side environment of an ocean-of-trees, rather than an ocean-of-water. Or if item number-one to be memorized is a hat, then mentally visualize a person who wears a hat, where a neck-tie would normally be worn. Or if item number-two for memorization is a tomato, then imagine a tomato, rather than a hen, who lays an egg. Unusual differences or abstract values between

1) standard-pictures, placed in brain visual memory environments, that contain original reference-list items, and

2) overlays of unusually pictured items, cause the new items, and their numeric positions in a list, to be more easily memorized and recalled. Unusual Correspondences

The English alphabet is 26 letters. Each letter is a consonant :

b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x or z

or a vowel :

a, e, i, o, u or y.

In Memory List # 1 is an exact correspondence between numbers and letters in words. Presence of a "hard" consonant, or "hard" consonant combination, represents a number from 0 to 9! But vowels (a, e, i, o, u and y) and "soft" consonants (h and w) separate the "hard" consonant combinations, and are not assigned numeric significance.

Key	Consonant	Related
Number	Combinations	Examples

0	ce, s, x, z	ice, see, x of xylem, zoo
1	d, t            do, tea
2	gn, kn, n 	gnu, know, new
3	m, mb           mow, womb
4	r, rr	        row, arrow
5	l, ll	        law, yellow
6	ch, g, j, sh	chew, gin, jaw, show
7	c, ch, g, k, q	cue, ache, go, key, queue
8	f, ph, v        foe, ph of phone, eve
9	b, p            bow, pea
70	x	        axe

Special number, "hard" consonant and speech pronunciation relationships in the Memory System.

Vowels and soft consonants used as separators :

a, e, h, i, o, u, w and y.

Memory List # 2

Memory List # 2 shows these numbers, hard-consonants, and some words with letters of hard-consonant sounds. Number zero (0) denotes "s" sounds, number one (1) is for "d" or "t" sounds, number two (2) is for "n" sounds, and other numbers match their own speech-sound and hard- consonant-character combinations.

Special number-and-sound relationships allow recall of a reference-list item to be made easier.

For instance : If item number 20 is to be recalled, then by basic association shown in Memory List # 2, number 20 is composed of number 2 first and 0 second, that correspond to the "n" and "s" consonants and sounds. These point to the word "nose", made of these letters and sounds, and assigned to reference-list item number 20. Further Illustrations

Number	Original Picture	Sample Picture
0	sea                  tree
1	tie                  hat
2	hen                  tomato
3	yam                  airplane
4	hair                 egg
5	hill                 bottle
6	shoe                 bread
7	cow                  refrigerator
8	ivy                  tennis racket
9	bee                  cat

A short practice list, to remember items in the Sample Picture column, after numbers and pictures in the other two columns are fully memorized.

For example : To memorize item # 4, picture someone with a head covered with eggs, rather than a head covered by hair.

Or to memorize item # 5, imagine someone who walks up a hill of bottles, rather than a hill of soil. Or to memorize item # 8, picture a wall covered by tennis-rackets, rather than a wall covered by ivy- vines.

Memory List # 3

Memory List # 3 contains a 10-item practice list. Its Sample Picture column can be memorized, with abstract-memory-list techniques, after lists of numbers and word-pictures, in the first (Number) and middle (Original Picture) columns, have been memorized.

So, if the reference Number and Original Picture lists have been memorized, and the basic-technique used to install Sample Picture items, in place of Original items, it should be easy to recall the Sample Picture items and their positions in the list. For example : To recall the number-nine Sample Picture item (cat), the number 9 Original Picture item (bee) is remembered by its relationship to "b" or "p" sounds, that help to remember the word "bee" and the bee's environment, perhaps depicting a bee who takes pollen from a flower. Then, to remember the Sample Picture item, the unusual abstract-memory-effect happens : The mind and brain, almost automatically, recall the strange appearance of the word-picture to be remembered (cat) that perhaps shows a cat (rather than a bee) who flies about and collects pollen from a flower.

Or for recovery of the number six Sample Picture item (bread) : First direct the mind to recall number 6 sounds, "ch" or "sh" sounds, that point to the Original Picture item "shoe" Then with reduced effort, because of definite contrasts between Normal and Unusual, the abstract mind remembers a scene of someone who strangely wears loaves of bread on the feet, instead of shoes on the feet! These memory exercises can also be a form of absurd comedy!

7.2.3. Contacts And The System

To quickly recover from Sim-contact effects :

1) Remember and recreate an Original Picture 20-to- 30 item reference-list, in the mind and perhaps on paper, like Memory List # 1,

2) Write replacement-lists of random items, such as shopping lists, to be remembered, like the Sample Picture column shown in Memory List # 3, and

3) Use these, and the Abstract-Memory-List-Exercise- System, to redevelop ability and strength, to recall sample items and their positions in the lists, without the use of paper lists.

The simple RMS method becomes easier to use with practice! This exercise uses registration, storage and imagination portions of the brain like a muscle. They may flex in rear portions of the head that correspond to vision and optical memory centers. These are often favorite areas for Sims to make contact-interface through, and should be healthy in visual telepathic sessions.

Abstract-memory-list techniques can be most effective tools to recover from Sim contacts. The exercises can help the bodily dweller rebuild a post-Sim-contact-brain to better- than-normal operation, provided the dweller is already familiar and practiced in simple-through-complex steps of listed- memory-techniques, as in the RMS.

Even without direct telepathic Sim-contacts, that require above-average memory skills and brain power, use of the technique could help to better-manage lists of items to be purchased at a store, or lists of tasks to be done, without use of paper lists.

7.2.4. Audio-List Memory Exercises

Techniques of memorization exercise by an audio- representation list could also exist. Audio-recall exercise might be used in same ways as the RMS. It would be a way for people with acute audio skills to contact and listen to Sims, since certain Sims duplicate voice and other sound- patterns for telepathy.

A great man who had auditory telepathic contacts with Sims, Sim helpers and other advanced life-forms is the blessed Prophet Muhammad. He went into special places outside cities, to listen and record the voices of "Angels". They provided healthy inspirations and very intelligent guidance. Ahhh . . . Peace be upon him!

7.3. Summary Of Memory Contact Exercises

Exercise people obtain in the brain, by creation and manipulation of memory-structures, is important preparation for Sim contacts. Many UFO witnesses would not suffer amnesia and retardation, commonly associated with extraterrestrial encounters, if they exercise the brain-memory before-in-and-after the experiences.

Special memory exercise techniques are extremely valuable in Sim contacts : Brain capabilities are strengthened so neurologic impairments are lessened.

The Daily-recall-method also can be used for helpful self- review sessions. Abstract-memory-list-exercises seem to promote the most rapid recovery of memory, in-and-after Sim contacts. They can also help a contact be more comfortable with unusual relations and strange events in Sim contacts. The practice in both systems could determine survival of sanity and brain from major Sim contacts.

Perhaps Evolution leads mankind-type creatures to eventually use the Imagination for creation, change and movement of mental or other DS items, rather than hands, arms and legs coupled to the Mind. So memory and imagination exercises help gain more establishment and improvement in these advanced talents too.

8. Sim Contact Techniques And Languages [Contents]

There are at least two ways Sims may be contacted. The first is directional since telepathy takes place directly between Sims and the person. The second is formed by paths through a hierarchy of creatures and unified mental structures.

8.1. Directional Sim Telepathy

Definite intentions to contact Sims can establish mental- contact lines. Resultant direct-contacts may be absorbed through dreams, while asleep, or sent to regular brain- consciousness, in periods of wakefulness. In common with other people meeting Sims, it was found direct-contacts may require extra patience, since they can take years to fully appear.

8.1.1. Pictures In The Sky

Sims of the Outer Space variety are usually present around a planet.

To contact these Sims by visual images :

1) Go outside on a clear night,

2) Point a hand up at the sky, and

3) Paint on the sky, with the Mind's Eye, a picture of desired items or events.

Sims make and change weather and other Nature phenomena. Use of the technique to paint a picture of a thunderstorm, that bristles with lightning and deluges a landscape with torrents of rain, on the night sky, can draw Sim attentions to the request for Rain. Sims and Sim helpers will consider bringing the desired weather, to nearby areas, within a few hours or days.

Specialized photography (Kirlian) has revealed other- dimensional ethereal energy-fields that surround the physical bodies of people. Perhaps energies from these auras, through hands that point and paint pictures on the skies, aid the transmission of Space Picture Wishes.

Experiments with these techniques can have high direct- correlations between visual requests, and Sim-induced weather and other miracle activities.

8.1.2. Directional Intent

Review of materials or thoughts about Sims, by people, can also be noticed by Sims when they scan for interested creatures to contact. So if a person reads this material and wants to better-know Sims, then they probably know of the intentions.

8.1.3. Love : The Best Link

Love can be an essential ingredient to successful direct- telepathy. If a person loves Sims, then relaxed thoughts that follow, will probably be noticed by Sims or Sim helpers.

8.1.4. Emotional Stability

When Sims visit, the auras of Sims are often enough to cause a person to flee from the Sim presences. If a contact person can withstand the Sim energy-fields, and reaction of fear to the Presences, then Sims may contact the person's mind.

A period of peaceful hypnosis may follow. At this stage, it can be important to remain emotionally quiet, so Sim messages and tasks, such as psychic brain surgery, may be completed.

8.1.5. Locations Of Contacts

Contacts with Sims should be made away from humans and human-affected media, such as radios, televisions and newspapers : Collective conscious and subconscious worlds of human-mind and human-will may pollute the contacts.

Rapport, between people and oceanic Sims, is often better close to oceans than further inland. Etheric energy-fields, that support the physical-life structures, are perhaps more defined near ocean edges. These more-pronounced attributes to an etheric energy-field, could allow telepathic linkage, between mental and physical brain structures, to be made more easily, since etheric energy-fields are some of the mediums between the two.

8.1.6. Auxiliary Methods Of Contact

There are people who experience contacts with Sims in remote areas, outside cities and at night. They use telepathy and flashlights, pointed up at the clear and dark night-sky, to show positions to Sims, who then descend to visit. Use of hypnosis, to mentally inform Sims of intended locations, before going to the country, is reportedly successful. The people imagine their lips and mouths, giving shape to words, in mental-visualization-realms, under hypnosis. This lets Sims know of intentions, times and areas for contact.

Contact success with the method seems to depend on how people use Imagination : Anything created by the Mind is a mental-energy-field pattern, that Sims can also sense.

8.1.7. Contact Frequency Reference Lists

Sims subordinate some people-contact tasks to their helpers. A contact person may meet these beings in addition to various kinds of Sims.

A person may want to contact some Sims and Sim helpers, at certain times and circumstances, more than others. Since telepathy is directional, it may be helpful to compile a list of impressions, obtained in previous encounters with Sims and Sim helpers. The list would show Sim talents, personalities, appearances and spheres-of-influences, so telepathy used with the list, would occur in proper channels. It would serve as a frequency-log-book, in a mental-radio-transceiver : Memories of contacts with Sims and Sim helpers are placed like radio- crystals in the Mind. When selected memories are energized through concentration, and especially concentration coupled with Love, a telepathic-radio-wave is emitted in mental DS.

Sims and Sim helpers, most closely tuned to the memory- frequency-telepathy-transmission, can be aware of the call, and may return a contact response to the sender. (Response might be delayed until proper telepathy times in their schedules and those of recipient people).

8.1.8. Sim Personal Telepathic Language Form

Sim telepathy probably sends information in any logical media of sense reception and languages.

Sims, in mental environments, prefer to contact each other, and certain helpers, through a visual-geometric-language that uses basic shapes and colors. Sims may contact people with this electric-geometric-language, in simple ways, that people may easily interpret.

Colorful and basic geometric-symbols from the Intelligences, are perhaps devised to be interpreted correctly in many ways. Also, subconscious "paths" of interpretation, in receivers' minds, often lead to a final-and-correct generalized translation. Or perhaps these invisible mental frameworks, that lead to final symbol interpretations, are also transmitted by Sims. A receiver can also sometimes sense, in personal ways, that messages come from Sims. Once this was shown by a Sim : An inspirational letter was to be sent to a person. It was not realized the person was too occupied to deal with the letter. So a Sea Sim sent a picture of two green-and-white poles, striped like candy canes and crossed, with green heart- shaped flags at the tops of the crossed poles, by telepathy. This was easy to interpret in at least one way : Since the striped poles were crossed, it showed the Sim wanted to bar or obstruct mailing of the letter. Green heart-shaped flags, at the tops of the poles, suggested the idea of the inspired letter was nevertheless lovable and healthy. Perhaps the color green showed a positive "GO" traffic signal would otherwise have been given to the actions. The candy-cane appearance of the crossed poles, perhaps served as additional inducement to gain attention. Or it showed that written inspiration was sweet enough and to be rewarded. After visual-symbol-transmission by the Sim, abstract-memory-list- exercise, mentioned in this manual, had to be used to rebuild brain functions.

As peoples' brain "muscles" adequately recover from direct Sim telepathy, then recordings of Sims' personal-language expressions, shall increase.

8.2. Universal Languages

Another aspect to Sim telepathy is of the Core or "Soul" of externalized languages. In every word or group of words, is a core-meaning or purpose the expression is created for. The core has properties that transcend "hard" outer-language parts. Cores of written languages are the forms-behind-the- form, or the real-faces-behind-a-mask. They are also an excellent Medium between telepathic cultures with dissimilar "outer" languages.

In brains, minds, and other energy-field structures that link brains and minds, people store various dictionaries of hard and soft word-forms. When telepathy is from a creature with a dissimilar hard-language, messages may still be translated by contacts between "softer" Core or Soul-forms of expressions, that also excite their attached hard-language components. Cores of messages may show directionality, intensity and other further definitions, of articles and activities, in physical, emotional and mental realms.

These subjective representations, and mechanisms that receive and transmit them, are like sympathetic pieces of musical instruments : They independently and interdependently, create tunes and respond to vibrations, from other musicians and instruments. Minds, brains and psychic bodies of mankind-type creatures, are layered with an infinite-complex-variety of these receptors and transmitters. As people think and express themselves more in soft-cores of languages, then people shall be more receptive and transmissive, to advanced minds of Sims and Sim helpers.

Eventually most people-Spirits will gain Awareness and experienced-use of Universal mental languages. These can be based on number systems, geometric forms and mental-light- spectra, where two or more minds are virtually in the same point or area, for healthy inspirational-information-interface. Universal languages are also convenient languages for description of Universal Laws and Soul-Songs, significant lessons and tunes to Life.

8.3. Light Energy Telepathy

Experiences by many people show a transcendental field of Awareness or "light" energy is available to the Mind. It is an excellent medium for transmission and reception of certain kinds of thoughts. Conscious connection-to and awareness-of the Field, yields expanded sensitivity to others' thoughts and, in particular, to inspirational thought-forms. It can be a mental-light "substance", a material for healthy mental- illumination and inspirational thought-forms.

This brilliant Awareness-field perhaps is like a mirror, to reflect light, since transmission and reception, of thought- forms, happen immediately between distances.

Directionality, clarity, strength and accuracy of telepathy, by Universal-Mirror-Light, are often proportional to abundance of healthy mental-states in minds of Spirits involved. From experience, a healthy and inspirational thought sometimes contacts the light-field, or other creatures in conscious connection to the light-field. Then a spark of light, pleasant gust of wind or other sensory reply, may briefly appear, almost as reward or acknowledgement to the thought. For Sims and other creatures engaged in healthy Love-and- Care work, the brilliant awareness-field is a most-intelligent medium for telepathic contacts : Minds are linked together by healthy purposes and healthy will that transcend personalities of those involved.

So in the Mind, a wide channel of greatly effective telepathy is available, to all creatures of healthy purposes. It is guided by inherent Visible-and-Invisible streams of Healthy Will, and Plans given by higher Intelligences.

9. Neurologic Sim Contact Effects [Contents]

Sims can expand or reduce areas of activities. They examine and alter structures of many sizes and complexities. These include the genes and brains of creatures in this world. This expertise allows them to effectively alter the behavior and attitudes, of creatures with physical-brain-consciousness, immediately.

9.1. Locations Of Contact Sensations

Regions on outer surfaces of the head, where external operations by Sims may be felt, are at the rear of the head, immediately behind visual-registration centers of the brain, and also in areas slightly above and behind the ears, close to brain auditory and lesson centers.

Sensations may range from slight rubs and tingles, to more stringent contractions and exertions. They are results of definite activities by Sims and Sim helpers, rather than those self-induced, as are experienced sometimes in meditation. Contact sensations can also be caused by telepathic Sim concentrations focused on a person. When contacted by the most advanced Sims, sensations of surgery on deeply-formed portions of the inner brain can be felt. These may coincide with dramatic and transcendental concept introductions at levels of genius. Perhaps they represent Sim-contact energies, acting through mental-fields associated with parts of the inner-brain, of a shared "Cosmic Eye".

9.2. Convolutions Of The Cortex

Brain surfaces, of a mankind-type-creature, have many visible valleys and ridges called convolutions. Greater numbers of convolutions are caused by above-average brain "muscle-flexing". They correspond to extended use of logic and memory in the Mind, and their interaction through emotional and etheric mediums, to physical brain- consciousness. Numbers and structures of brain convolutions, might be visible indicators to Sims, of a person's abilities to withstand contact sessions. Perhaps the brain becomes even more convoluted, differentiated and facile with continued Sim contacts.

9.3. Hyperstimulation Of The Nervous System

Sim contacts with Awareness of a Receiver, through the mind and then to brain-consciousness, can cause excessive stimulations of brain tissue and nervous system. These increase the possibilities of headaches, cerebral hemorrhages, heart attacks or other symptoms of exaggerated stress. A way to lessen this danger is to not eat food, not take drugs, and to drink only water in Sim contact sessions. These safeguards are also found in human medical surgery. They may be part of the reason for fasting in many religions, and contacts between Sims and people, mentioned in religions.

9.4. Drug Effects In Contacts

Certain drugs, such as caffeine in coffee, or tea may relieve dilation of brain blood vessels in Sim contact sessions. Also Sims give the brain an anesthetic-state in a contact session, like a doctor administers an anesthetic in an operation. Non-Use of drugs that cause brain damage or severe blood constriction, such as alcohol or nicotine, can also help contacts.

Traditional and natural use of "hallucinogenic" drugs, throughout thousands of years of Earth habitation by people, also can temporarily open a chemical doorway between brain- consciousness and mental-domains of Sims. Dangerous drugs should not be used to contact Sims : Electric and exciting Sim and Sim-helper exposures, can themselves provide wonderful euphoric stimulations!

9.5. Pain Sensations In Contacts

After psychic brain surgery by Sims, soreness and slight tinges of pain may be felt in contact areas of the head. Vivid Sim-inspired dreams can also cause post-sleep sensations of rigidity and coldness in the head.

9.6. Disorientation And Amnesia

The "Medusa" effect, of amnesia and retardation, is frequently experienced in Sim and Space people contacts and appearances. It is probably caused by nearly-physical energies that effect physical-psychic auras, in UFO and other encounters. A person can be confused and distracted in Sim contacts. It may be difficult to follow time schedules or circular-thought patterns. When Sims forcefully impress their will, it can also cause uncomfortable sensations of disorientation and loss of individual intentions.

An example : Once the intended path of a walk was to be from one place to another. But in the walk, a Sim focused attention to the back of the head and forced, by superior telepathic will-power, a complete diversion to the route. Only motions of reversal and return were possible : The Sim had taken control over personal mechanisms that determined and caused the choice and travel of the path. At times like these, calmness and safety were kept by remaining indifferent as possible, to side-effects of Sim presences.

9.7. Sim Activities Internal To The Skull

Perhaps people are big compared to other-dimensional sizes of Sims and Sim helpers, who sometimes greatly magnify their perspectives of concentrated energy-field activities. Creatures in other DS can seem to be the size of small insects compared to sizes of people. Yet because they live as extremely advanced intelligent beings, their proficiencies in memory-related skills, to change the brain for instance, can be evident and effective. People seen this way might appear to be like dinosaurs : Non-use of the brain, and neglect of finer Intelligence and Soul Aspects to Creation, may allow humanoids on Earth to be the New Dinosaurs, in a frenzied march to extinction.

Physical bodies are inhabited by other life-forms like bacteria. Reality of other creatures who live in the body is present and necessary for the body's lively continuation. After a series of contacts, Sims may interface some of their helpers to brain-consciousness. A person subjected to this is probably already well-acquainted with Sim and Sim-helper abilities, to enter the skull and modify brain areas. Ancient trepan-art, brain surgery of carved-openings in skulls of living persons, in unusual past civilizations, could even have been part of Sim contacts. In no way are experiments such as these recommended : Tools people possess, with present minds and wills, should be enough to safely contact Sims and receive Sim responses.

Voices and visions in the skull, and caused by other creatures, can be real. A Sim helper, interfaced with the brain, can resemble a bee, hornet or other markedly intelligent life- form. They can alter the brain or interpret telepathic languages for Sims. Other people also experience contacts with these creatures, who are an advanced form of Insect Life in mental realms. Exposures to these hornet or bee-type creatures, often retards the brain : Powerful telepathic radiations from them can cause the brain's functional structures to collapse, in over-stressed "muscle-failure" and some amnesia follows.

9.8. Visions And Voices In Sim Telesthesia

Visions and sounds in the skull, and caused by Sims and Sim helpers, can register without regard to position of the head. They additionally give an impression that creatures penetrate the skull to contact brain-consciousness. Perhaps mental- forms reach brain-consciousness, through paths driven by mental-universal-joints, such as in the drive-train of an automobile. Or perhaps people, as Spirits with advanced- evolutionary-natural-abilities, can detect activities at a distance, through additional out-of-body faculties, that sense independently of physical-body positions, through telesthesia.

9.9. Psychic Tools Implanted In Sim Surgery

When advanced Intelligences alter the brain, they not only change the brain, but also the etheric and psychic counterparts to brain structures. Changes in the brain perhaps even remain for further use : They can be valuable points to concentrate-on in meditation or otherwise intelligently utilize. Sensory impressions are also created by Sims, like a synthesizer can reproduce and store music, a voice or a picture. These structures can be embedded in the brain, or other materials changed by Sims, to act as reminders in a person's otherwise-unbothered life. Some people even have psychic View-Screens, or psychic Mail-Boxes, implanted in their brains, where Sims show pictures or leave messages.

9.10. Sensations At The End Of A Contact Session

At the end of major Sim-induced telepathic contact sessions, flashes of light, visions of illuminated brain-tissue, auditory hallucinations or other erratic sensations may be present. It can be best to remain unattached-and-unaffected by the distractions, and to peacefully meditate, with concentration focused on areas near the top of the head. This area at the top of the head or brain, is thought to be a finest-type or Apex, of psychic centers available to physically- oriented-consciousness, a junction where Awareness and Light of Universal Mind becomes available. Use of the Light can be of great help, to reduce psychic noise and heal energy-shields, that protect physical-consciousness from emotional-psychic stresses.

10. Descriptions Of Sims And Sim Helpers [Contents]

Psychic and physical Sim and Sim-helper visitations and manifestations have been encountered. If a person meets another person, often many characteristics about the other person, to include auras of personality, are not obvious by physical appearances alone. When Sims and Sim helpers visit, they can appear to be very real. Perhaps this is because of their greater Presences, Wills and Awareness.

Intuition is used, like eyes see and ears hear. Intuition allows the mind to grasp realities without physical definition. It links the logical awareness of people with realities not perceptible by physical senses. A list of intuitional impressions of Sims may be of value, especially for future telepathic contact references. Sims and Sim helpers will be described by talents, personalities and appearances.

10.1. Sims

If fortunate enough to be visited by Sims, then perhaps impressions will be parallel to these.

10.1.1. Eye-In-The-Sky Sims Or Birth Sims

Contacts with this Love-and-Care Sim happened mostly in early childhood. Birth Sims plant people, like seeds, in proper places of their Gardens. Like other advanced Beings, Birth Sims sense, know and feel the lives of children and other creatures, by "looking" through "Glass" awareness, towards the children and other creatures. Birth Sims extend finely projected lines of intelligent guidance into lives of many people and creatures. They become enlightened conductors to contact, change and experience Life in this world.

Birth Sims were shown to be highly-exalted, in a dream sent to visual portions of brain and mind. In the dream, the scene was that by a canal of water, lined with magnificent tall trees, a spot known since childhood. The air was alive with electricity and refreshingly cool winds. They lifted the view high into the sky, above the trees, to see with wonder, a golden sunset of heavenly clouds, over a range of distant purple mountains. A Birth Sim appeared in the sky above, to form a brilliant white triangle, made of finest and brightest of flat-white material, like chalk. Lines of Intelligence projected from the triangle into houses of people below. The Sim then talked, in thoughts without written language, to say birth was made into the region because it was an area of safety, devoid of human warfare, where the Sim would resurrect the planet. The Sim then showed, by lines of Energy extending into households below, how the Sim watched-over, guided and provided for many children and families, even by looking through a mother's eyes and vision at her infant child. Birth Sims are probably the most highly-evolved of all creatures.

10.1.2. Fire-In-The-Sky Sims

This happened outside at night, in a wooded location, away from heavily-populated human areas. Sims knew of the location and decided to transfer an object, from a non-Earth DS into Earth's DS, where it could be seen. The night sky was dark and clear. Then, as if a knife made a slit in the air, a large- silver-metallic-tube, perhaps 25 meters long and 5 meters in diameter, gradually emerged from a previously empty portion of sky. The tube was surrounded by a fiery yellow aura that lit up much of the nearby area. The Sims' aura was experienced as electric excitement. Fire-In-The-Sky-Sims then sent thoughts and appeared, like Birth Sims just mentioned, but with a more forceful presence. The messages were reassurance-for, and guardianship and approval-of, some inspirational thoughts and writing. The tube-like craft raced away, into the darkness with a sonic-boom, as it was pursued by a human jet fighter. In hours and nights to come, more energy transfers happened in the same region of sky. These manifested as balls of fire and other lights. A strange skin rash was present after the incident. This type of skin disorder also occurs in many UFO encounters. The Sims' telepathy caused amnesia, slight retardation and some speech problems.

But recovery was eventually made to normal or even-better use of brain and mind in weeks, months and years that followed. Encounters between people and UFO's can even allow intelligence quotient (IQ -a measure of mental abilities) to increase. This is another definite healthy-effect given by Fire-In-The-Sky Sims.

10.1.3. Mr. Green Eyes Or Green Garden Sims

These Sims live as all Sims, in formless mental-states, like electrically-charged air or water. When in mental telesthesia, they greatly enjoy appearance as a friendly Spirit, with a gorgeous pair of elegant green eyes, in front of a white background. Garden Sims perhaps choose colors of white and green because these identify their fertile specialities in green-agricultural and white-health sciences. Any people- farmers or helpers of Plant-kingdoms, are potential recipients of Green-Garden-Sim gifts. These include healthy plant- growing weather and protection from enemies. Green Garden Sims consider all life-forms Divine Children. Their favorite projects can also be in Mineral-kingdoms, where even rocks and soil life-forms evolve.

10.1.4. Sea Sims

These Sims live in-and-by oceans. They probably have the most Sim contacts with people. Sea Sims easily guide wills of people beyond normal courses. Also Sea Sims are gifted in PK energy, a major currency of psychic DS, and may allot limited amounts of this electric-intelligence-energy to people. When these Sea Sim gifts are made, any healthy thoughts or visualizations by people, can inject great activity-sustaining PK energies into areas of concern and care. Sea Sims saturate their bodies in mental DS with PK energy, like a sponge absorbs water, to later be used in their projects.

10.1.5. Nuclear Sims

Inventive and colorful, these younger Sims live in mental DS as turbulent, revolving Spirits with many creative energies and activities. They are gifted in dream and entertainment worlds, and can be responsible for many successful works of talent, as they invisibly work alongside people. Nuclear Sims like to help mankind : They quietly and enthusiastically contribute brilliant initiatives and additives to artistic spectra, such as books, movies and music. Nuclear Sims bring many concerted efforts together at proper times, strengths and harmonies, like a great conductor leads a great orchestra.

They can also provide very intelligent perspectives on Life with relation to geologic time. Slight tinges of blue, orange and some red, can be associated with these otherwise clear- colored Sims.

10.2. Sim Helpers

Sim helpers live mostly in mental energy-fields. Really, if a person lived a Healthy-Life with Beneficence to others, then that person would be a Sim helper too.

10.2.1. Large-Eyed Dark Triangle Beings

There are many non-human creatures with triangular shapes and various sizes in mental DS. Perhaps people evolve or seek to be more like triangle creatures. Another name for Triangle-Creatures is Cones. Triangle Creatures, or Cones, do not usually have appendages such as arms, legs or other animal features : They use their minds to manipulate materials. Perhaps the large eye-like structures of these creatures are remnant evolutionary-vestiges of a pair of energy-lobes that once supported a brain. These Dark- Triangle-Beings seem to perform psychic surgery that opens an innate Cosmic Eye in people.

10.2.2. Silver-Robed Triangle Beings

Like the Sim helpers just mentioned, these Adepts live in places that are direct further extensions to the evolutionary roads that people travel on. These Triangles or Cones give silently powerful guidances and support, to civilizations and healthy welfare of people. Intuition revealed that these creatures determine much of the destiny behind civilizations of people on Earth. These triangle beings also meet to make unified plans and schedules. Mental visits were made to these senior creatures in dreams. In their luminescent triangular envelopes, they did not resemble humans. But certain characteristics were distinguished, such as a blue misty cloud in the place where a head might be on an upright humanoid body. Cones can be mentally intense or emotional. Their audible messages may resemble shrill-screaming sounds.

10.2.3. Triangle Nature Spirits

These Spirits are linked to much weather activity and other Nature Intelligence on Earth. They have a simple-yet- effective written language in mental DS, and angry talents to attack noisy and polluted human cities with destructive hailstorms. Perhaps these Nature Spirits lovingly care for plants, insects and animals, and resent human destruction of the Garden of Earth. People who live close to long-term extended Nature, outside cities with agricultural or nomadic lifestyles, are often affected by these Nature guardians.

10.2.4. Winged Translation Bees

Direct telepathy was once received from these splendidly- evolved forms of the insect path of Life. These creatures also contact people through visual parts of the brain. They transform spoken words of people into a colorful and geometric language, known and used by Sims. Contacts with these Translators were temporary : Their telepathy retarded the brain and caused some minor speech impediments. Another psychic, who was gifted in contacts with these Sim helpers, and many other Sims, also mentioned that these Sim helpers rarely contact people : Brains of most people do not yet withstand sustained telepathic transmissions. Visitations by these creatures further prove that advanced creatures can reside-in or interface-to Brain-Mind strata.

10.2.5. Advanced People

It is possible to view temporary-yet-dramatic non-physical appearances of Beings, who are probably people, in Sim contacts. They can resemble shadowy figures, that sparkle with light and other energies. Also they may create PK movements of small objects. Violet auras are often associated with the most-evolved of these Beings. They sometimes wear clothes like robes, or handle objects of spectacular brilliance or specialized purpose. Perhaps these are Spirits who sometimes live as people on Earth, but who are more advanced in Evolution. Advanced People might spend time with Younger People, to live as older Brothers and Sisters, and serve the Healthy-Will in helping others. Their telepathic messages can contain Enlightened Information : They teach Lasting Wealth is based on Understanding and Understanding "Energy", the Soul-fusion of Love, Compassion and Healthy Intelligence. Understanding Energy can be more valuable and durable than physical nuclear-energy.

11. Other Creatures Related To Sims [Contents]

Life contains an intelligent variety of creatures. Outer forms and activities of creatures can attain vast changes and differences to each other. Life's ways and travels can be of Infinite variety, and choices of paths determined by many variable circumstances. People who meet Sims and Sim helpers, can also meet other members of civilizations of non- humans, adjacent to evolutionary places of Sims.

11.1. Ocean Intelligence Dwellers

Associated with oceanic Sims and oceans, is another creature who is more advanced in Evolution than most people. These beings participate in psychic contacts with people and other creatures, in-and-by oceans, readily. Perhaps these entities are heightened and evolved life-forms who attained intelligent awareness, like most people have, hundreds of thousands of years ago, in the multimillion years to Life's history in the oceans. These ancient civilizations could have made the strange formations of intelligently-shaped rock structures, sometimes found on ocean floors.

11.2. Extraterrestrial Sim Helpers

Sims also manage interaction between Space people (to include large hair-covered creatures and small-sized humanoids) and life-forms on Earth. Perhaps people are raised like an agricultural crop, or Mars was once inhabited, or advanced humanoid-creatures remain as care-takers of Earth. These humanoids could visit Earth by star-craft developed over millions of years, rather than the few decades of human space-craft. Advanced technology and activities of the humanoids are perhaps responsible for many misty appearances and disappearances of creatures and objects, displaced to-and-from Earth. Star-like objects can be spotted at night as they traverse the sky from one horizon to another, in straight-line patterns and at great speeds, compared to speeds of human aircraft or human satellites. These objects usually appear to be like stars : They can be brilliantly alight and almost the same size as many nearby stars in the Night Sky. The star-craft are probably luminescent. This is proven when the times and areas of view are not exposed to rays of sun or moon light. Also, human satellites do not contain highly-powerful energy sources for brightly-sustained light displays as do the star-craft.

11.3. Mystery Creatures

Incidents of mystery humanoids and animals, who appear at unusual places or to be of strange behavior, are perhaps Sim methods to influence people or environments in unusual ways, or to have a comedy show for amusement of other unseen creatures. Wide varieties of extraterrestrial life-forms can appear to be associated with UFO's. Sims may even take shape, to create imitations of seemingly-alive creatures, to increase tolerances and respect Earth-people should have for other creatures, regardless of external appearances.

11.4. Serpent Creatures

A part of the bodies, common to many physical life-forms on Earth, is the spine. It is serpentine in shape and serves many psychic and nervous-system functions. There is an abundance of serpentine psychic life-forms who have emotions and think thoughts. Some of them are perhaps less-evolved than most people. These creatures dwell at coarser evolutionary levels of mental and emotional activities. They might feed on psychic auras of others who live in physical-consciousness, or be drawn to mental-light of people, like insects attracted to a lamp at night. Perhaps they enjoy being one of many non-human audiences that invisibly watch the antics of people. It can be best to sometimes avoid these creatures as they may be of unhealthy influences but perhaps Sims and Sim helpers employ some of them for certain tasks.

12. Relations With Sims [Contents]

In the Tree of Life, a leaf shooting forth from the loftiest stem, extending from the topmost branch, can still be closely related to deepest of roots.

12.1. Reasons And Benefits

Ever since people have known Sims, and received valuable Sim messages and advanced Sim help, the messages and aid have generally been the same : They recommend and prompt healthy lifestyles, and promise great rewards to those who have fruitful lives with Sims and follow Sim guidelines.

12.1.1. Steps Up The Ladder Of Evolution

Mineral, Plant, Insect and Animal kingdoms are affected in gradual ways, in any span of geologic time, by Nature's inherent basic Intelligence and guidance. So also are the lives, in civilizations of mankind-type creatures, affected by nearby kingdoms in Creation. Of these Kingdoms, there are creatures with activities and awareness "above" those experienced by most people. Lives of people are affected by wills and energies present in non-physical DS, that emanate from their natural habitants. People can be more sensitive and aware of these natural activities. This allows people to take further steps UP in Evolution, beyond mainly natural physical awareness, and to be more-directly aware-of and related-to unworldly-fantastic NATURAL advanced beings.

There are also permanent social independencies and interdependencies between Sims, people and other creatures, in many environments. People attached to healthy momentum of Sim purposes should be pulled to a better station in Life. This is also how many animals acquire benefits by association with people.

12.1.2. Sources Of Advanced Guardianship

People domesticate animals for benefits of having companionship, clothes, protection, transportation, food, and additional help with plants and other animals. Mankind can give other creatures protection, guidance, increased fertility and liveliness, medical aid and other basic assets for increasingly healthy and happy lives. In same ways do Sims relate to the people-variety of creatures : If mankind-type creatures come to know and pleasantly associate with Sims, so also can their lives improve, and provide sustenance and extensions for Sims. Definite protection from danger, and other even-greater benefits, are acquired by people who become Sim friends and servants of Sim projects.

12.1.3. Sim Artwork And Food For Sims

Sims probably "eat" thought-forms and prayers from mankind-type creatures. Sims might use these as Materials and Energies to make artwork in mental and emotional DS. In these ways, Mankind's activities in realms of Soul, Mind, Emotions and other spheres, create artistic Masterpieces. These would express combined Sim-People creative talents in multiple environments. If Sims consume thoughts or prayers, this could explain why many religions, founded by contacts with Sims, are full of recommendations for people to be healthy on all levels in Life : In these ways people generate the best quality of "food" for Sims.

12.1.4. Alternatives To Euphoric Drug Abuse

Healthy thoughts and activities, as parts of Sim projects, and direct-contacts with Sims, generate and provide channels of transfer for elevated states of emotional and mental Well Being. These create a natural "high" where people become more happy. This natural "high" could eventually sustain itself, independent of physical conditions, like states of Mind achieved by practitioners of Yoga. Mental-states and brain- wave patterns, associated with Sim contacts, can be full of Energy and Excitement. They safely lead to greater Awareness and Intelligence, especially if certain exercises are used to fully recover from Sim contacts.

12.1.5. Increased Sensitivity Transfer By Sims

Awareness is heightened towards other Beings, and aspects in Life, by increased sensitivity transfer through Sims. This lets Perception be more Aware of wonderful Family members, experiences and advanced thought-patterns.

12.2. Sims And Society

Like the wind sweeps sand from dune to dune, like water cuts channels of fresh exploration into rock, Emanations of Intelligences, that affect the Cultures of other creatures, are always Present.

12.2.1. Unusual Abilities Transfer

In societies of mankind-type creatures, there are few incidences of great genius or extremely unusual talents among a group. People with gifts outside normal group modes, are usually assigned places of great-honor or great- despair, especially if they display the gifts. Every creature shows some gifted talents, even if small in degree, that often correspond to normal life. Individuals sharing friendships with Sims, and other advanced creatures, might be allowed extremely unusual talents and energies, with very-worthy values for benefit of mankind-in-Nature. For example : Sim- induced rain to a region with severe drought is valuable, especially if creatures there cry out for rain and will fully appreciate it. Or Sim-inspired and Sim-transferred Inventions and Discoveries can be valuable, especially if a society permits the adaptations-to and healthy-usages of them. These can determine the strengths, stabilities and endurances of entire civilizations. Many Sim activities are geared to Soul aspects in Life. These often become Bases for Love-Compassion-Healthy Intelligence Triangles that can sustain entire societies.

12.2.2. Environments Conducive To Sim Projects

In democratic societies there are greater prevalences of liberties and other manifestations of Understanding, than in more restrictive societies. Activities in Free societies can have increased sensitivity and be expansive and healthy. Sims probably enjoy these environments most : Their projects in free societies can help many individuals more than limited numbers of individuals.

Societies with hardened and stale totalitarian Order, offer less growth potential for Sim projects : Normalcy is too widespread and restrictive to Sim influences. Eventually these societies have intensive reforms in new and healthy life or they further decline. (Sims also uplift evolutions of dead cultures through review-of-lessons-learned and rebirth). To Sims, societies are probably like what terrariums are to people : Gardens in Life of special and personal interest. Each Garden is a wonderful opportunity for Evolution, Education and Entertainment, in the lives of Inhabitants and the Gardener.

12.2.3. Sims And Incarnation-Reincarnation

Sims, Sim helpers and other advanced creatures sometimes interact with people in direct physical ways. They can even make bodies that resemble people, or items in environments around people, with PK (psychokinetic) talents.

If reincarnation exists, advanced beings might also emerge as individuals in societies, to experience life on Earth. Some may even participate in Occult rituals : News, bankers, pharaohs, kings, queens, priests, royal advisors and others who dominate mankind, could unconsciously be younger advanced beings with inferiority complexes! Or people who provide healthy service and inspiration, to other people and creatures, might be incarnations of more-advanced Sim helpers.

Sim contacts with people, and emergence of gifted individuals in societies, might be greater if brain, heart and nervous systems of people could more-directly withstand Sim telepathy. Perhaps advanced beings, like highly-evolved Sim helpers, reincarnate as people. But at early ages, these young geniuses' mental strengths cause heart attacks or brain and nerve damage, that result in death or impairment. Attentions and special care, afforded by societies to inborn gifted people, are treatments given some of societies' best resources. This special respect is often proportional to the societies' regards for individual citizenry.

Together, All live as seen and unseen Wonder Workers and Gardeners of Projects, on Planets of shared managements and resources.

12.3. Sims And Religions

Sims, related to mankind-type creatures throughout history, are probably mistaken for God (Allah), a Creature who is perhaps rarely met directly at the human station in Life.

12.3.1. Supreme Being And Supreme Children

If a Supreme Being, Allah or God, shows the most Love, Care and Intelligence in Creation, then between this Magnificent Life-form, and mankind-types of creatures, there are other life-forms, like Sims, who serve as foster parents and guidance members in the Family of Life. In many religious faiths, beliefs are centered around this Great Spirit, Intermediate Spirits, and Spirits at mankind's places in Life. The Great Spirit is often portrayed as a Being without image, who instructs, empowers and allows other intermediaries to interact with people. The Being is sometimes described as a Form of Life, so advanced, that people can not fully perceive or imagine the Being's attributes. Furthermore, it is thought People relate to this Great Spirit, in same ways as Children relate to a Parent. Perhaps this shows each Person is more potentially advanced than realized, and has Existence at Planes-of-Evolution, like those lived-in by the Supreme Being and Sims.

12.3.2. Creatures Without Form

Since Sims think "I Am that I Am" to take shape, they are difficult to define by visual appearance. Perhaps this why certain religions stress worship, or telepathic contacts, with creatures or "God" without image. Also, perhaps abstinence from image-worship, is based on the well-known fact, that external appearances, especially among humans, can be very deceptive.

12.3.3. Angels and Demons

Inabilities of the physical body, and other bodies, to withstand prolonged contacts with Sims, have probably suggested to people throughout history, that unseen forms of advanced life are all-powerful or all-terrible. Thus the invention is sometimes made by people, of an appearance by "God" or "the Devil", or if the Sim takes form, a sensory perceptible "angel" or "demon".

13. Contact Dangers [Contents]

Long-term detriments from Sim or Sim helper contacts are rare. Long-term advantages to Sim contacts are frequent. They can extend beyond a physical lifetime.

13.1. Forceful Relativity

Sims create and change many types, sizes and complexities of energy systems. These talents are their wonderful and specialized tools to shape Creation. Physical forces and non- physical forces are relative in strength. (What is powerful in one way might not be powerful in another). They are not necessarily superior to non-force aspects of Creation, such as Awareness, Love and Respect. A person who helps Sims might be granted certain extremely influential skills and energies, hopefully used to achieve a better Life and Health on Earth.

13.2. Willful Abuse

In Life there are allowances of Free Will, given to all creatures, so many experiences may be encountered, and many valuable lessons learned, by choice rather than force. When a creature forces another creature, elements of cause- and-effect enable the forceful creature to be more involved in the life of the other creature. If the forceful direction is healthy, then the outcome shall be healthy. But this might retard the lessons and full-experience potential of the creature being forced. Perhaps this is why Sims rarely interfere in lives of people and other creatures, unless specifically asked, or situations make the interference absolutely necessary. Sim restrictions that do exist, in Master Plans, can disallow activities past a certain point in time. Perhaps regions beyond lack their continued support, guardianship and confidence.

13.3. Psychic Psychopaths

There are some creatures who use psychic abilities to inflict pain on others. Participation in nefarious activities by unhealthy-minded psychic creatures is to be avoided : It can lead to serious misfortune. People who help Sims are often given advanced PK-talents and PK-energies, for protective purposes, as well as inspirational healthy-life purposes. Exposures to degenerate creatures can be valuable in same ways a sparring-partner is valuable to a prize fighter : If the creatures are offensive, either by themselves or through companion humans of the World, perhaps all to be done, to reachieve peace of mind, is to mentally reflect the Deviationism, back at offenders, like Sims do with mental- mirror techniques. Or simply experience greater mental- Awareness, impervious to Serpentine influences. Sims and Sim helpers probably restrict unhealthy use of psychic tools and energies. Also, advanced Sims naturally keep a close and watchful eye on small numbers of creatures who abuse advanced talents.

Creation has a continual Healthy-Momentum. Degraded events disappear as their energies decrease and lessen in frequency. Energies and skills are allocated by higher Intelligences, who are themselves Sources for laws and Allowances of Abilities and Energies. These healthy activities emerge and become Greater, by inner potentials, inspired and funded by higher Intelligences.

13.4. Society Anti-Simism

Human governments, religions and financial institutions, have suppressed accurate information about Intelligences to near extinction. Occult control and concealment is often from Monopolists, who secure their Order with Ignorance. Enlightened information, from advanced creatures to citizens, might make them jealous. Insecurity posed to these Monopolists, and their Occult institutions, is that Truth would weaken their Order. This could result in loss-of-fascination and Obedience, given by subject citizens or slaves. Of particular unease, to an unhealthy Occult, is encouragement to change to better ways or risk being uprooted : Sims would give advanced intelligence, talents and energies, to citizens with healthier lifestyles.

Every society is like a creature itself : If a society is to Mature, through the help of Sims, then people who contact Sims in the society, should receive the society's positive support.

13.5. The Reactionary Super-Ego

Sims have dealt with mankind-type contacts on Earth for millions of years. They choose students and helpers in selective ways. This allow individuals with traditional and well- proven Sim-contact qualities to naturally succeed. In contrast to careful selection and guidance, there are many human World institutions with instability. They are influential through mere membership or service to an Order in government, or the controlling Occult financial and religious Organizations. From the Worldly insecure comes greatest of dangers to Sim helpers : Humble and gentle-natured conduct, of Spirits in Friendships with Sims, is directly opposite the Super-Ego! For example : Imagine the compoundment of an human inferiority-complex, of an upper-class-Order, when they meet a Sim contact who requests and gets Sims to create unexplainable miracles, or who receives and relays information of a sensitive and highly Intelligent Nature. These can yield greater Awareness, worth high values, that threatens previously-unshaken monuments of Ignorance . . .

Sim miracles do not always leave visible records in physical environments. They deserve greater popularity and fanfare but rarely are admitted to circles of human popularity, unless the human Super-Ego is allowed to dominate their interpretations. Often they are experienced and enjoyed in times of Peace and heightened sensitivity by those living outside "normal" modes.

13.6. Jealousies Of Discovery

Future health and vitalities of civilizations are sometimes determined by mental transfer of ideas and discoveries to resident aspirant inventors. These valuable gifts could create noticeable imbalances with neighbor-civilizations. They could also greatly improve the health and longevity of all civilizations that are friends of the recipient civilization.

13.7. Loneliness

Humans may be consciously and subconsciously resentful of intelligent items about advanced beings. Perhaps they enjoy stagnant comfort, especially in collective-cultural-subconscious minds, having traditional habits, and beliefs that support the habits, without further work for heightened Evolution. Also, there may be resentment and reactionary violence to unusual exhibits, made by Sims or other advanced beings, through the life of a contact person. These can cause loneliness and other separativeness, away from "normal" humanity.

13.8. Sim Reflective Shields

Sims can be emotionally and mentally sensitive. A definite danger to those who annoy Sims, is Sim-use of mental reflective shields : Unhealthy actions directed at Sims can be reflected back at offenders.

13.9. Summary Of Hazards

These dangers are some faced by people who meet advanced Intelligences. They can be greatly offset by Rewards and Companionship, when Sims are a person's Invisible-Yet-Visible friends. Experiences shared with Sims are probably most beneficial, when Mind and Emotions are open and calm, with attentions focused on greater Healthy Awareness, and many pleasant aspects to Sim contacts and Life itself!

14. Conclusion [Contents]

Any interface, between the Minds and mindful activities of Sims, and other creatures, requires adaptations in the creatures' minds. Essential to these alignments is the special attention given to Sim messages : Sims have Awareness advanced far-beyond human levels. An avid listener to Sims can receive Intelligent perspectives and insight from Those whose age and maturity in Life should command quietest respect. Teachings given by Sims and Sim helpers are a wealth of information for blissful Healthy-Living!

Encounters with Sims, the Sims' enlightened perspectives made plain-to-view, and Sim gifts, like miracle-talents or exciting-electric-PK-energies, can be more valuable than large sums of money. Another advantage to these gifts is that they may be transported and used by Soul activities and the mental-self of people, not governed or taxed by conditions in the human and physical World. Also, personal relations with Sims are valuable Family ties, that further extend the healthy and worthy Friendships found between Sims, Sim helpers, people and other of Nature's creatures.

Attainment of any interface with Sims should add great rewards to a person's life!

Intelligent information and techniques, such as these, can be used to contact Space Intelligence Masters, perhaps the most highly-evolved creatures to ever visit Earth.

15. Abbreviations [Contents]

DS: Dimensional Setting : the three spatial dimensions of Length, Width and Height, combined with the element of Time, that define and support an energy system, that may be physical or non- physical.

PK: Psychokinetic : able to change physical energies with non-physical energies, under control of the Mind.

RMS: Roth Memory System : a system of recall that uses abstract relationships between items for easy and effective memorization.

SIM: Sim : Space Intelligence Master : a Creature in mental dimensions without form, living through a body of pure Energy, who probably represents the most highly-evolved forms of Life in Creation.

UFO: Extraterrestrial Flying Object : a non-human unworldly object that moves through the atmosphere-above or oceans-below; an object transferred or materialized from another physical or nearly-physical area, by creatures with advanced non-human technology; a space vehicle controlled by unhuman creatures or robotics not of human origin.

16. Definitions [Contents]

Amnesia: loss-of-memory, because of neurologic impairment of the brain, or exaggerated emotional distress.

Etheric: of a nearly-physical energy-field that directly- affects and determines the forms taken by physical life. Between physical and emotional (astral) planes.

Intellect: rational thought or reason based on deduction or inference over collected-data or experiences.

Intelligence: mental representations of sensory-impressions and intellect in time-present, related to time- past, and being prime determinants of activities to occur in time-future; abilities to manipulate the Mind and its logical thought- processes; an invisible creature in mental dimensions with greater-than-human mental talents.

Intuition: direct mental experience of a reality, or perception of a truth, independent of personal opinion, from which logical decisions can be made.

Medusa: a legendary creature of Greek mythology, who paralyzed people when they gazed on the creature's face, like neurologic paralysis suffered by people who encounter extraterrestrial Intelligences.

Occult: a cult gathered in secret for criminal conspiracy. Example : an Order for totalitarian World Government Monopoly.

Telesthesia: energy-field perception without use of physical biologic senses.

Telepathy: mental transmission and reception of thought, from the mind of one creature to the mind of another creature.


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