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If a Text Tool is run without options or data, one or
more pages of usage information are given.  These serve
as the Text Tool's on-line easy to access information
on what the Text Tool does and its requirements for
options and files.

The first line shows the Text Tool's name, then Version,
suitable CPU and Operating System.

The second line shows the Text Tool's function.

Then the Usage line shows the basic format for using a
Text Tool from the command line.  This is done by typing
the name of the Text Tool followed by any options, etc.


PDGREPPE V3.11c CopyFree (c) CPU:8086...OS:DOS_2...
Pattern Definition GREP with Pattern Editing.
Search/Edit with Magic Pattern.
Usage: PDGREPPE [Options] Pattern FileNames...

Options or file names can optionally be in an Option
or Arguments File and this will be used by a Text Tool
instead of just a manually typed command line, or command
line in a batch file.

See Common Options.

After these first lines, some information about options is
listed followed by option and file usage details.

Following are some other details about PentaTextTools usage:

PentaTextTools are helpful for working with TEXT on PC DOS
operating systems.  They also run under PC DOS Emulators
such as Virtual PC on the Apple MacIntosh and on various
UNIX systems.

PentaTextTools help You make sense of TEXT in any format by
making the TEXT more easily visible and changeable.

TEXT is characters that are normally visible in English or
related languages' character sets.  TEXT normally consists of

1) Letters

	like A through Z

2) Numbers

	like 0 through 9

3) Punctuation Marks

	like !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~


4) White Space like ordinary spaces, tabs, and linefeeds and
carriage returns that form end-of-line sequences.

For the English character set this comprises about 100
characters total.

International character sets often have other values for

Characters can be represented by a corresponding decimal
equivalent number.

ASCII Numbers for English Characters


A \065	N \078 	a \097	n \110
B \066	O \079 	b \098	o \111
C \067	P \080 	c \099	p \112
D \068	Q \081 	d \100	q \113
E \069	R \082 	e \101	r \114
F \070	S \083 	f \102	s \115
G \071	T \084 	g \103	t \116
H \072	U \085 	h \104	u \117
I \073	V \086 	i \105	v \118
J \074	W \087 	j \106	w \119
K \075	X \088 	k \107	x \120
L \076	Y \089 	l \108	y \121
M \077	Z \090 	m \109	z \122


0 \048
1 \049
2 \050
3 \051
4 \052
5 \053
6 \054
7 \055
8 \056
9 \057


! \033	) \041	; \059	] \093
" \034	* \042	< \060	^ \094
# \035	+ \043	= \061	_ \095
$ \036	, \044	> \062	` \096
% \037	- \045	? \063	{ \123
& \038	. \046	@ \064	| \124
' \039	/ \047	[ \091	} \125
( \040	: \058	\ \092	~ \126

White Space:

Tab		\009
LineFeed	\010
Return		\013
Space		\032

(These have a backslash preceding the number.  This is one way
to specify text characters for PentaTextTools options that can affect
International custom usage.)

Text Files

Text files are similar to databases with each line or sentence
in a text file resembling a record in a database.

Examples of Text Files include HTML, MS-RTF, DOS Batch, most
*.TXT, edit and source files that Programmers or WEB designers

The alternative to Text files is Binary Files.  Binary files
contain many characters in special formats that are not easy to
read as text.

(Non-English text files often have characters that are Binary
unless interpreted by Native readers of those languages.)

Most Word Processor documents are stored as Binary Files that
may still contain portions of Text within themselves.

Database files are also Binary files that often contain Text
that can be accessed by a Text Tool.

PentaTextTools programs can also work with BINARY non-text files.

There are MANY options to view and work with text in both Binary
and Text files.  These options are discussed later.


Examples in this file show sample command lines of a Text Tool.

To have the examples run properly be sure:


PentaTextTools programs


are in the current directory or a directory of the PATH
environment variable


the current directory can be written to or the -tT<d>
option is set to a directory that can be written


ALL the files








are in the current directory for all command demonstration
lines to run properly.

To use these examples from a Web Browser that has the MS-DOS
command line processor available, it is quite possible to COPY
the example lines from this document and PASTE them into a
command shell window and view the results.  The command examples
are often given in Bold type.


If You are a novice computer user, be forewarned:

some of the programs in this tool set:


can edit or translate the files on your computer and do so in a
way more quickly and deeply than other software.

Editing with these tools is like using a very sharp axe, rather
than a club, for chopping wood.

Be very careful when swinging an axe and be just as careful using
these tools.  Until You have done some experiments to find out
how the editing features work, You should steer clear of doing
any major editing or translating with them.

And always edit INTERACTIVELY with PDGREPPE and FGREPPE (option
-ki) until at the expert level.

The editing features of the programs are intended for editing
TEXT FILES such as computer program source files, but can edit
any accessible file on a PC if directed.

BE SURE TO KEEP BACKUPS, no matter what software You use!

Conditions of Use

We accept no responsibility for any use of these tools.

PentaTextTools has been constructed to be as bug and error free as

The effectiveness and power of programs is best discovered by
using them.

A major reason for making these programs was to reduce the
amount of paper wasted while looking at data on PC's.  So each
program has simple paging for viewing the video screen.

PentaTextTools utilities could be the equivalent to PC-DOS text
manipulation what PKZIP and ARJ are to traditional PC-DOS file

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