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Intelligence Services

Registration of PentaTextTools

Evaluation, Prices, Registration, Terms of License, and
APPLICATION to obtain software from

	Intelligence Services


PentaTextTools is FREE to non-profit and non-government Users.

Other entities who use PentaTextTools as a way of gaining money or
regulating a society MUST apply and receive a license by
registering PentaTextTools with Intelligence Services.

Registration application information is contained in the file
REGISTER.FRM and is also inside README.EXE.

Any Organisation or Individual can distribute a Text Tool
SHAREWARE set (not a registered set) on a FREE basis with
minimal costs charged for disks, postage, etc.


A limited period of 90 days from the point of installation of a
Text Tool set from Intelligence Services onto a business or
government computer is given for EVALUATION purposes only.



The following Investigation and Change software utility SETS are


PC PentaText Tools (includes both of the above)

PC TriText Tools

All operate on PC-DOS operating systems version 2.0 and better,
or equivalent emulators on ANY IBM-PC or clone.


The prices for registered versions of these are as follows:

SET		PRICE  		(see NOTE below)
---		-----

PentaText Tools	$ 70		($50)*

GREPPES Tools	$ 50		($30)*

Tri Text Tools	$ 30		($20)*

OR as a Single TOOL (NO documentation: .EXE file + .KEY file) :

TOOL		PRICE  		(see NOTE below)
----		-----
PDGREPPE	$ 30		($20)*
FGREPPE		$ 20		($10)*
NLX		$ 10		($ 5)*
STRINGS		$ 10		($ 5)*
HEAD		$ 10		($ 5)*

All prices are in Dollars and include postage and handling.

See file PRICES.LIS.

Sets are sent on a PLAIN 3 1/2 inch 1440KByte High Density Diskette
to traditional (SMAIL) addresses (by sea mail if outside Australia).


There are ($Discounts) for sending to an EMAIL account.

Individual Tool documentation is available via the Internet at


A PentaTextTools user must personally register and install
any program by using a specific option

-R<d>     Register this program with supplied key <d> and .KEY file.

with a .KEY file and special non-electronic information
signature by option to Register a PentaTextTools program.

e.g. use

PDGREPPE -R"SomeValue"

with PDGREPPE.KEY in a current directory on a current drive.

This uses the signature "SomeValue" to change PDGREPPE
to become Registered.

After this action, the registered version of a PentaTextTools
program has a personal or organisation name embedded
within the program, along with registration number.

Minor Updates to PentaTextTools programs will use the SAME
registration keys and signatures.

BENEFITS of Registration:

There is NO NAG at the end of using a registered version
of a PentaTextTools program.

The NAG can be avoided by PentaTextTools programs by using
the option "/i" just after a PentaTextTools program name.


NLX /i -h *.bin

However this disables the use of %ENVIRONMENT% variables
such as %PDGREPPE_OPTIONS% for persistent default operation.

NAGS do not happen when "Standard Output" of a
Text Tool is redirected to a Pipe "|" or a File ">".


ANY number of persons in a registered organisation
(on ANY number of computers) are permitted to use

	a SET or copy of a SET


	TOOL or copy of a TOOL

represented by a Single SET or TOOL registration.


Please include the following information with application:

Full Name of Business or Government organisation


Personal Name of Individual


(80 characters maximum)


Postal Street or Box Address	_______________________________________

City   State     PostalCode	_______________________________________

Country (if not Australia)	_______________________________________


Contact or REDUCED PRICE EMAIL Address


The ETHICAL Nature of the business or government function:




Payment for APPROVED Applications can ONLY be made with

LEGAL CASH	($US Dollars or $AUS Dollars or &UK Pounds)

We only accept CASH because of Extreme Bank Transaction Fees
to avoid official financial accounts red-tape.


Send CASH and applications by POSTAL MAIL to:

	Intelligence Services
	GPO Box 9


CASH by POSTAL MAIL to the above address
ELECTRONIC MAIL applications to:

Please provide a reply-paid self-addressed envelope or valid
electronic mail address for requests or questions.

User Supported Software:

The User Supported Software concept is an
attempt to provide software at low or no cost.

The cost of offering a new product by
conventional means is staggering, and prevents
many independent authors and small companies from
developing and promoting their ideas.

User Supported Software is an attempt to develop
a new marketing channel, where products can be
introduced at low or no cost.

Everyone benefits with User Supported Software :


The User will benefit by receiving quality
products at low or no cost, and by being able to
"test drive" software thoroughly before
purchasing or going further with it.


The author benefits by being able to enter the
commercial software arena without first needing
large sources of venture capital.

But it can only work with your Support.  We're
not just talking about PentaTextTools here, but about
all User Supported Software.

If you are using a program after trial period of
a few months, then evidently it is worth
something to you, and you should send in a
donation or, if a Business or Government
organisation, MUST definitely pay up for
PentaTextTools or other User Supported Software.

Terms of License

We reserve the right to refuse registration to any business or
government body that does not meet our criteria for ETHICAL
HEALTHY Nature Friendly conduct:

NO nuclear-chemical-biological or other military/police weapon
manufacturers, meat/fish or tobacco or alcohol/other extremely
dangerous hard drug producers, Uranium or other Poison mining,
corporate Monopolists, totalitarian fascis psycho governments.

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Intelligence Services

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