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The purpose of this document is to:

1. Introduce You to PentaTextTools

2. List program benefits and features

3. Be a tutorial and reference for program Options.

PentaTextTools contains:

Five effective Tools for Working with TEXT on PC's:


Here is a list of the Tools or Programs and what they do:

Program 	Descriptions

PDGREPPE	Searches/Edits with Magic Pattern Definitions (PDL).
		Pattern Definition GREP Pattern Editor
		Public Domain GREP Pattern Editor

FGREPPE		Searches/Edits fixed pattern data.
		Fixed pattern or Fast GREP Pattern Editor

NLX		New-Line trans(X)-form: IBM PC from/to UNIX or APPLE MAC.

STRINGS		Filters out segments of text characters in binary files.

HEAD		Look at the front, middle or end lines of a text file.

Each tool has options that can be used to customise operation.

Each tool is designed for Intermediate to Advanced Users of
a traditional CLI (Command Line Interface).

PentaTextTools 3.0

This release contains these files :

NAME            version description

PDGREPPE.EXE    V3.13   Search/Edit by MAGIC with Pattern Definitions.
FGREPPE.EXE     V3.13   Search/Edit Fixed sequences of bytes.
NLX.EXE         V3.13   New Line translate (X) between PC, MAC and UNIX.
STRINGS.EXE     V3.13   Show Strings of printable characters.
HEAD.EXE        V3.13   Show Head/Middle/Tail of files.
README.1ST      Text file to read first.
README.EXE      This file.
README.TXT      Text file limited alternative to README.EXE
HELP.DOC        Help Menu for README.EXE
GO.BAT          Batch file to run README
FILE_ID.DIZ    Short list of contents for BBS etc.
ERE.DEF        Sample definition file for PDGREPPE.
PDGREPPE.HNT    Hints file for PDGREPPE.
ZIP_CRC.LIS     List of all files in the distribution and ZIP CRC numbers.
INVESTIG.TXT	Promotional file
TTPROGQA.TXT	Question and Answer file for Text Tools
CHANGES.LOG	List of Changes.
BUGS.LIS	List of Problems.
TESTIFY.TXT	Development and Intention Information
*.TXT,abc	Sample Text Files
*.BIN		Sample Binary Files
*.FRM		Registration and Tax-Deductible Donation Forms

These are packaged in a compressed ZIP file named

and can be extracted with PKUNZIP or similar UN-ZIP utilities.

A Information file ISPTT30X.XML is outside the main zip
package.  It is used for automated software submission to
software vendors.

The remainder of this document is divided into FEATURES and
OPTIONS sections.

Feature sections describe what the basic program or tool does.

Option sections describe what each option does.

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